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皇后阁端午帖子 The silkworm breeding season is over








The silkworm breeding season is over

- A scroll for the Empress’s chamber hall to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

written by: : Li Qingzhao

translated by: Julia Min

The silkworm breeding season is over.

The summer’s sun is around the corner.

May her Majesty enjoy a very long life,

embracing many more sons and prosper.


Yi'an wrote this in 1143 together with the poem for the Emperor’s chamber “The material for your curtain panels” .

The scroll is a seasonal greeting poem wishing Empress Wu have her own sons in the new year. The most important responsibilities as the empress in China was her ability to give birth to a son / sons to secure the power succession for a stable Court, and yet the biggest concern during Gaozong’s reign as he had only one son from two empress and 12 concubines in the imperial harem.


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