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About Julia Min

Julia Min – a lecturer of Shenzhen University (China), a founder of China-Scotland Golf Education Program, Elmwood College by St Andrews (Scotland), and now she is semi-retired with golf and some teaching on translation in Monash University (Australia).  


Before turning 19 (1982), She got B.A. in English Language and Literature from Huazhong Normal University, and started teaching at a Teachers’ College at Huangzhou where Su Dongpo wrote most of his masterpieces which are still there carved into stones at Red Cliff. She had the pleasure of studying them during her three years’ teaching. This led to her idea later of a collaborative translation project, a teamwork with her professor Prof. Osing and her colleague Prof. Huang though she was only 23 and the only one bilingual in the team. Books published: Blooming Alone in Winter was published in 1990 and Forever Tonight at my Window in 1992.

“Translation is an art of transforming everything in form while changing nothing in meaning, so that the message received by the target readership is almost the same as received by the source text readership"  -- Julia Min

Gordon Osing

About Gordon T Osing

Gordon Osing – An emeritus professor, English Department, University of Memphis, US.  


In 1986-87,  he served as an exchange teacher at the Central China Normal University, and there he began working with Julia Min on the ci poems of Su Dong-p'o. Blooming Alone in Winter was their first publication. 

In 1990-91, he was awarded a Full-bright Senior Lectureship to the Hong Kong University (British). He found it convenient to cross over the Shenzhen to work with Julia Min on a second Song Dynasty volume, Ci poems by Li Qungzhao. 

In the states, his p/oems have appeared in The Southern Review, The New Yorker, Southern Humanities Review, Arkansas Review, the Asia-Pacific Review and scores of other magazines and reviews. 

About Huang Haipeng

Professor Huang Haipeng, Chinese Department, Huanggang Teacher's College. Passes away in 2018.

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