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    I wish to thank Prof Osing who had the funds from the University of Memphis which made the publication of our first two books possible (Blooming Alone in Winter 1990 and Forever Tonight at my Window 1992).  Gordon has been my best professor whose teaching has inspired me still today. It is also his wish that I take a lead in this website and our new books to continue our cause in introducing the best poems of China to the world.  So I have made a promise that "I will translate more than half of the poems we rendered before, so a minimum of 19 poems for Li Qingzhao, and 25 for Su Dongpo".


    I’d also like to thank my son Andrew Min who suggested to set up this website and contribute his evenings and weekends to the construction.  He and my dear daughter-in-law Sally Wang have been my daily source of encouragement and my first readers of all my new translations.


    Finally, I wish to thank Mr Liu Yujun from People’s Publication House, Henan Province for his consistent support and advice on the project.

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