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贵妃阁春帖子A Quatrain for the Noble Consort’s Chamber








注:钩弋gōu yì是一个姓名,出自《汉书外戚传上孝武钩弋赵倢伃》— 百度

A Quatrain for the Noble Consort’s Chamber

- a season’s greeting scroll for Spring Festival

written by: : Li Qingzhao ( 12th century)

translated by: Julia Min

Honoured with a gold bracelet, almost an Empress,

you have no need to envy for Han’s Shaoyang Palace.

May you be dearly loved and blessed with more sons,

embracing a new year full of cheers and happiness.


This is a seasonal greeting poem written on a red scroll for the Noble Consort Wu who became the Empress a few month later. Again the theme focus on happiness and having more children. Shaoyang Palace in the Han dynasty is said to be a very luxurious living place for Noble Consort Zhao of Emperor Chen. Yi’an made the comparison to emphasize how much Wu is favoured by the Emperor. Please refer to “The silkworm breeding season is over - A scroll for the Empress’s chamber hall to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival”.


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