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醉书 Drinking lines for the West Lake


原作: 苏轼(字子瞻, 号东坡居士; 11世纪北宋)

旧版英译:戈登.奥赛茵, 闵晓红, 黄海鹏(1990)

新版英译及赏析: 闵晓红(2023)





Drinking lines for the West Lake

(at the Lakeside Pavilion, Hangzhou, 27 June, 1072)

written by: Su Shi (11th AC, social name 'Dongpo')

old En. trans. by: G. Osing, J. Min & H. Huang (1990)

new En. trans.+ apprec. by: Julia Min ( Feb. 2023)

Large clouds came like rolling ink past the hills.

Raindrops danced around my boat like jewels;

Then quick as the scene’s swept, the storm’s left.

Where lake becomes sky my porch cannot tell.


This short poem is the first of the five poems written in Hangzhou when Su Shi was the governor. The series starts with his experience in a boat on the lake and then shifted to the Lakeside Pavilion overlooking the scene. It could be simply read as a poem on a dramatic change of whether in West Lake region, or the reader could dig deeper to find the changing moods of the lake associated with Su Shi’s understanding of Daoism that all possibilities could be subsumed in any single moment.


1. Blooming Alone in Winter by Gordon Osing, Julia Min and Huang Haipeng,published by the People's Publication House Henan Province in 1990 (《寒心未肯随春态》戈登.奥赛茵,闵晓红,黄海鹏) ("Drinking lines for the West Lake (in Hangzhou on June 27th) / Black clouds roll, ink almost flooding the hills, / Great raindrops dance around my boat like jewels; / Then, quick as the scene’s swept, the clouds dispelled,Where Lake becomes the sky my porch can’t tell.")

3. pictures from Google;



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