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  • Julia Min

Winter in July

(On 21 July, 2021, it was sunny with a couple of showers when I was having my morning walk and heard about Covic-19 and trade conflicts between China and Australia. Rhyming lines stream in like a well never dry. So here it is.)

Winter in July

By Julia Min

It’s sunny and rainy at the same time,

hot and humid, not divided in the sky.

It’s clear-blue behind light-grey clouds

cheering Mother Nature on East side.

The Moon, dimming, holds no opinion

on Down-Under or Middle Kingdom.

It’s summer and winter at the same time,

divided in the middle by the equator line.

Rain God has been blessing both seasons.

Wrong or right, He never define

on the big dragon awakened,

nor on the kangaroos, or kiwi island.


1. Seasons in the southern hemisphere is opposite to the northern hemisphere. But the rain season comes at the same time of the year.

2. 'Down Under': slang word for Australia and New Zealand;

3. ' Middle Kingdom': ancient name for China;

4.' dragon': refers to China;

JM: Your thoughts? Leave a comment and let me know :)


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