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Welcome to The Rhymes and Vibes of the Song Dynasty ("诗情画意品宋词", a poetry platform where English readers and learners could enjoy the best Chinese poems written in the most flourishing time by the poets of the Song dynasty ( 960 - 1276). We have translated over a hundred poems by Li Qingzhao and Su Dongpo and every new month will see new poems to be released here. Explore the site for some exotic experience. Perhaps we could sparkle your passion for poetry as well.

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蒙纳士大学翻译学的闵晓红( Julia Min)老师带来了近三十年前出版的这两本译作,她说翻译就是艺术再创作的过程,要实现词汇、结构和文化三个层面的跨越..." (read more)

SBS Mandarin InterviewJulia Min
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"Special thanks to Julia (Xiaohong) Min (Monash University), who has shared and commented on her experience of translating poems by Su Dong-po & Li Quinzhao. Her responses will be valuable in developing our research further, and we look forward to her participation the future." (read more)

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